Last news

A long time I haven’t something in english… And if we consider my skills at this time, I am a bit proud to say that I do improve every day, keepin’ talkin’ with children and teachers during my tennis lessons.

Anyway, I can’t figure out what I do really want to do.

Here are the differents possibilities:

– I stay there and I do continue with the same work until february.

– I stay there and I apply for a new visa for another couple of months, let’s say until june.

– I break hell loose and I go somewhere else.

– I break hell loose and I go to New Zealand.

– I go back to Whitehorse and it’s some kind of non sense.

Everything is making sense actually but… I do love my job and Vancouver, that’s a fact but I am understanding again now why I did stop working with kids in France.

So, I think I’ll clear my mind soon and do something absolutely different even if I don’t know it yet !