Whitehorse Sunday Times

Uhuh. Hi Folks. It’s times to speak english today/tonight.

It has been a long time I haven’t tried my english with you. Up to me. Up to you.

So, what’s up in my wonderful life of new Whitehorse Living inhabitant ?

Erf. Not that much. Just enjoying my day-off. Have a little walk on a false trail above a First Nations cimetary and near of the Airport.

Oh. Something exciting. We had the honour with my room-mate (notafraidofthebearsbutafraidbysomethingelsebigger) Virginie to receive some friends of ours, Agnes and Audray, a long time arrived Yukonner. They shared some tea with us, had a piece of chat about the heary leg ( OMFG… into my house…). They loved our decoration. Cool uh ?

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day (logical…) and I gotta be back on work. Lifting and ordering again and again the shelves. Spices, mustards, pasta, god stuff. Dunno if I love it but it’s ok for the moment. Just making me earning some money. And I just keep doing my job, trying to get involved in the shop life, smiling at customers and singing from times to times.

To end this piece of bravery… I would like to wish a very happy birthday to my closest friend:


Two months today !